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This is one of the most enticing young evolving ecommerce company, we are named after the late father of the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of this business. We have securely sold myriads of our products to our valued customers, safely and securely so! We retain a sound relationship with our customers as well the soundest cooperation with our suppliers in China. We are good at what we are doing, compassion and dedication taking us forth.

We are independent as we merely work with the foreign businesses for the time being Our sole goal is to independently manufacture the “Piet Koeneraad” branded products Our relationship with foreign business is merely to aid us in reaching our ultimate goal of which we strongly believe we shall attain few years down the line Though the journey is tough and might even get tougher but we won’t give up on what we find necessary to go after.

Nowadays people are doubtful of online based businesses, you will never know until you go through the articular business you are keen to make use of their services. At Piet Koeneraad Emporium Store, we are keen to make you believe in the digital field again, not by extorting your money but by giving the best we can give when our services are required. We are trying our level best to giving back to the South Africans, literally the black group, not having the apartheid regime in mind, fourth industrial revolution ($IR) emerge to be what inspires us to even go to the highest depths we never though of touching. We are a small company but our cogitation as small as we are, came out to be of humongous businesses. Learn more about us by subscribing on our newsletter.

Top Management

We are led by young energetic South Africans with a reputable history

Welcome Mokabane
CEO & Founder

People been asking about Marota Welcome Mokabane more often misspelled as Welcome Mokobane. He's a young energetic South African who's been doing things behind the scenes, he's contributed a lot to

Safety and Security Graduates and Undergraduates (SSGU), the movement he co-founded with other TUT postgraduates. We have seen and heard him on interviews such as UNISA Radio, Thobela FM and was the only TUT student to be invited to one of TUT Management's big events, here's the link https://www.tut.ac.za/news-and-press/article?NID=265 Mr Mokabane's in possession of three (3) consecutive times achieved Academic Awards of Excellence for his awarded Cum Laude National Diploma Policing from TUT's Polokwane Campus, he obtained Baccalaureus Technologiae thereof in 2019 having dropped out for the one of Public Management in 2018 whilst busy with his application to enroll for Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Policing Studies with the Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). Towards the end of 2018, Mr Mokabate enrolled for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with the University of People (UoPeople) which he's currently busy with.

At the wake of 2020, we saw Mr Mokabane fighting for the recognition of Safety and Security Graduates and Undergraduates. Prior yhr pandemic he was busy with the registration process to studying Master's Degree in Language Practice of which he didn't complete due to some illness, following his recovery this is what he came up with, Piet Koeneraad Emporium Store having been cushiontised and inspired to found by his Fiancee.

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