Why You Should Shop At Piet Koeneraad Emporium Store

Why You Should Shop At Piet Koeneraad Emporium Store

First and foremost, let us give a slight introduction to what is Piet Koeneraad Emporium Store and what is it all about.

Well Piet Koeneraad Emporium Store as minutely exhibited and explained on our “about us” it is a newly established evolving e-commerce business where black entrepreneurs are valued for the job well done as provided towards black, the less privileged or low-class blacks to be precised. We are located in Ngwaabem (Greater Tubatse) a place nicknamed ‘Platinum City’ at the heart of Ga-Maphopha Talane. Our business consists of the importation of goods from international borders, having worked with China as most of our products are imported from there and cosmetics from Poland.

 It is obvious that we hardly have such and/or similar businesses in Limpopo, that’s why we pride ourselves with dignity and as we possess a sense of providing to the poor at a reasonable cost – we are not in competition with any business as we are propelled by our uniqueness. It is not a secret, we are all alone in similitude business, in Ngwaabe (Greater Tubatse) taking the slightest look to Sekhukhune as a whole and not afraid to say, we are a rare one in Limpopo as a whole yet our business isn’t to be provided for those within Limpopo and/or residing within such vicinity.

We are unreservedly propelled by naught apart from the most enticing people we deliver our services to, in a nutshell we would not have been this far if not for their continuous cushion towards what we never thought we are good at, cognitively speaking – Piet Koeneraad Emporium Store signifies people of varying colour, inasmuch as we praise blacks and black business, we are not in anyway encouraging racism and/or saying to blacks that they must cease utilising the services none black-owned businesses.

Equality and humanity kept us this far, hence we are the very best to shop with for all.

Safe and secure payment is guaranteed

One of the major reasons you should shop with us seem to be the safety and security provided throughout attaining and/or making use of our services. As blacks, it is not a myth that we hardly trust online-based business because of the presence of the scammers and personal information thieves of which such information would be used to further their criminal acts and so forth.

At Piet Koeneraad Emporium Store, we guaranteed such safety and security as any personal information shared with us would be utilised for your experience and for your recognition throughout our interaction.

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